Hotel Supply

artefiori hotel floral design high quality work granted by artefiori based in genoa Hotel Supply

Hotel Supply

One of our most requested service is the hotel provision, in the area of Genova and its province. We work daily, weekly and monthly supplying the most important residence hotels with compositions for halls, dehors, receptions and dining rooms. We supply with services such as flower arrangements for rooms and any kind of space.

After many years in the field we can affirm to be able to satisfy any kind of request by a residence hotel gestor, and we always pay attention to punctuality in designs and compositions delivery.

 Many of the most prestigious hotels in the city have already used our services during these years, testing our professionalism, ability to meet customer needs and timely replacement of the composition and delivery.
We have always shown, and we intend to keep this way, a great ability to meet customers needs, both from the aesthetic and practical point of view.

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