Artefiori´s Total guarantee

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Artefiori´s Total guarantee


Law guarantees

Italian laws:

 Artefiori´s "Total guarantees"

Our policy: 

 The customer can change his mind about what he bought inside 10 days from delivery.

You can change your mind whenever you want.

The customer who changed his mind has to comunicate it sending a registered letter with return receipt to the shop.

 You can tell us you changed your mind any way you like it to.

If You´re not satisfied we can change what you bought with something else or refund you.

 The customer has to give back what he bought with its packaging.

 If We want it back we´ll come get it back, and we don´t mind if You broke the packaging (as it is normal to look what´s inside and decide if you´re satisfied or not).



We work to satisfy our customers, and we trust them, hopefully They trust us too.